RCCG LP9 IFAKO FAMILY SPELLING BEE is an ACADEMIC COMPETITION packaged to spotlight academic prowess in our dear and progressive children in total affiliation with producing exceptional, disciplined and well cultured Students in our esteemed nation and world at large.
The bee is to improve reading skills, discipline culture, boost confidence, help students improve their spelling skills, writing skills, words identification skills, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives and also to reward academic excellence.

The bee is further conceived to make our tomorrow’s leaders in their most teachable years more committed to their studies as spellers will be required to stand in front of the audience one after the other to spell, write and identify a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty correctly from which the winners shall be attractively rewarded and well celebrated.





One of the most fundamental aspects of any language is the correct spelling of words being used in writing. Bad spelling makes reading difficult, especially when it’s being read by another person. More critically, it distorts the message.

RCCG LP9 IFAKO FAMILY SPELLING BEE is an all inclusive academic competition where contestants are asked to spell, write and identify English words. The bee is an important academic tradition and one that challenges children to perform at their best.

In addition to motivating children to achieve academic prowess, the bee is an important stepping stone in making students better communicators.

Needless to say that RCCG LP9 IFAKO FAMILY SPELLING BEE serves many important roles for our children:

It provides a form of competition for them which they may not get anywhere else.
It gives them a sense of achievement.

RCCG LP9 IFAKO FAMILY SPELLING BEE helps them to improve their spelling, writing, words identification, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. As a child learns the meaning of a word, it becomes easier to spell. And all of this enhances the child’s knowledge of the English language.
The bee makes students’ enthusiasm strong and helps them develop.
The Spelling bee will not only drive students to memorize, sound out and ultimately try to get the letters correct in their answer; but will also instill sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from participating in the events most importantly in public.

Furthermore, RCCG LP9 IFAKO FAMILY SPELLING BEE is important because:

It aids in reading.
It helps cement the connection that is shared between sound and letters.
It aids Learning High Frequency sight words
It also helps with both reading and writing.
Spelling bee, above all else, is about communication and wielding the tools that will make students successful communicators in society.

Learning how to spell words is important to students ‘academic future as it helps lay the basic foundation that they need throughout their education and life.

For emphasis sake, bad spelling gives others a bad impression about you. No matter what you say, if the spelling is poor, the reader will notice this before anything else. Punctuation errors may go unnoticed, but everyone notices spelling errors.

In conclusion, dear children, you should not place your entire future on the line by not being able to spell. Not only is the ability to spell necessary in most occupations, but a person also needs to be able to spell well in order to be able to communicate and take notes and directions.